This page is dedicated to Virgin Media and those who are thinking of buying their services.

We have a little bit to go on our contract, something Virgin won't let us out of. Once the contract has expired we are off to BT. Our internet and tv have been on and off for 6 months, now we decided to show people what the service is really like by keeping a diary. We should have started it before, so haven't got exact records of the last 6 months but it is similar to what we are experiencing now.


Saturday 5th July 2014 - Off 7 hours in the evening

Wednesday 9th of July 2014 - Off 6 hours in the evening

Thursday 10th of July 2014 - Off again, just 3 hours today :-)

Updated 10/07/14 18:00

Still want Virgin Media? When they work, their speeds are the best, just don't rely on them working.